Sunday, January 22, 2017


For quite a while now I have been interested in expanding my personal library on the specific areas of archaeology that excite me the most, but there have been stumbling blocks.  In particular, finding and affording some of the older, more esoteric out-of-print items can be a daunting task.  However, this is becoming easier as more and more institutions put portions of their libraries online and make them available to the public in downloadable formats (usually .pdf).  

Recently, I discovered the Metropolitan Museum of Arts downloadable books and periodicals website while reading an article on ancient Egypt,  I then discovered a two volume out-of-print set I had been looking for was available for download.  Only 500 copies had ever been printed and I was about to get mine for FREE!  This is just one location for free downloads and I will be using my browser to find more and increase my virtual library.  

As my collection of virtual material is growing, I need to protect my data.  It was recommended that I purchase an archival external backup drive.  Wonder what that is?  Well, it is a storage drive so that you don't need to store the data on your computer, but it is also a backup with its own backup.  Inside, it has two drives and as you save to the external source your data will save to both drives so that they mirror each other.  Thus, as you grow your collect, it will be nicely protected against equipment failure.  

The two-volume limited edition set I got for FREE!  The information is priceless!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Two other courses with Ancient Interest

Thanks to Hamish Morrison who provided this information recently in the Coursera Forum:

"There are two other courses soon as well as the one on edx. Both are on futurelearn.
Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World
Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East"

Sharing with others is an excellent way of learning more and is appreciated!